Stonefield Capital is a broker-focused private mortgage lender operating out of the GTA and lending in ON, AB and BC. We are a common sense lender looking at funding requests from a comprehensive standpoint. As risk is assessed higher we expect a higher return.

What sets us apart:

We Treat Borrowers with Respect – As mortgage brokers who do A and B business we understand the relationship a mortgage broker forges with their clients. We are the lender you will be proud to recommend to your clients.

We are Flexible – From fast closings, extensions past maturity, using multiple properties as collateral, prepaid interest, and even lower interest with higher fees to meet TDS requirements, we are open to creating a loan that works for borrower and helps them achieve their goals.

Communication – We pride ourselves in responding to complete funding requests within 2 hours. We can offer same day commitments up to $1M.

In House Legal Team – We work in the same office as our lawyers at Brukson Law so any changes or updates are made quickly, instructions go out promptly and there is no disconnect between the parties responsible for closing your deal!